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Whether it’s targeting the right audience or optimizing the ad, our ability to capture insights helps you generate leads, get brand visibility and make smart marketing choices.

A Marketing Strategy that delivers results! Just performance..

Engage your audience across the globe with
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Show up where your customers are looking for

Show up where your customers are looking for

Tap into the high-quality demand & show up where your audience is searching - be it social media or search engine.

Impactful Ad Campaigns

Impactful Ad Campaigns

Drive brand awareness, lead generation ads and encourage customer engagement on both search engines and social media.

Engaging Ad Copy

Engaging Ad Copy

Amplify your search strategy and build awareness through effective ad copy that helps your target audience understand why they need your solutions.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics

Our team monitors every critical marketing metric, such as Click Through Rate, Conversions, and Return on Ad Spend, to ensure high Return on Ad Spend.

Ad Optimisation

Ad Optimisation

Based on the performance analytics, we optimise the ad to ensure optimal ad performance.

It is our ability to recognize your business’s uniqueness that sets our Performance Marketing Strategy apart from the rest!

Our Performance Marketing Services

Ad Strategy Planning

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Facebook Ads

Instagram Ads

Sponsored Advertising

Creative Strategy

Display Ads

Video Ads

Mobile Ads

Lead Generation Ads

Youtube Ads

Performing Marketing: How We Do

Define your Performance Goals

In order to set performance goals for your digital marketing, we first understand the purpose of your marketing, your marketing budget, and suggest the best way forward.

Choosing the apt platform

We select the best blend of diverse advertising media platforms based on your marketing budget and performance goals, whether they are for search engine or for social media ads.

Create a Performance Marketing Strategy

Once we finalise the diverse advertising media platforms, we devise a platform specific marketing strategy that supports your performance marketing goals.

Develop Ads that drives Engagement

Our team of content specialists, designers, and marketing specialists design content that create an impact through the ads and drives performance.

Optimising Performance of Ads

Our team monitors, analyzes, and optimizes campaigns across all planned media channels to reach the preset performance objectives

Industries and Domains that we have served till date

As a versatile content creation and management company composed of sectoral experts, Degefy can provide content services for almost all industries. We don’t believe in limitations. There are over 32 industries we have served, and we continue to expand our list. Some of the most popular ones are listed below:

Apparel and Fashion

Artificial Intelligence


Business & Marketing

Construction & Real Estate

Education & Edtech


Event Management

Service based industry


Travel and Lifestyle

Food & Foodtech

Finance & Fintech

Health & Nutrition 

Information Technology

Interior Products

Legal Services


Manufacturing Industries

Medical and Healthcare


HR Tech



Our Process

Our most sorted department- Design work principles


We don't copy-paste ad strategies, since we know your ad spend is crucial. By understanding your business's uniqueness, we can effectively reach your target audience.


As a social media agency, we have successfully managed campaigns across various platforms and delivered higher return on ad spend (ROAS) for our clients.


Our priority is creating creative ads that your audience won't want to miss! In every aspect of the design and copy, we ensure it connects with your target audience

If you'd like to grow your business through digital marketing and are looking for performance driven strategies,
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